Quantum Athletes Foot Treatment Mask - 0.75 Oz
Quantum Athletes Foot Treatment Mask - 0.75 Oz

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Quantum Athlete's Foot Treatment Mask - 0.75 Oz

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Quantum Athlete's Foot Cure


Athlete's Foot Mask is packed with natural, anti-fungal botanicals, as well as tolnaftate.

Unlike most athlete's foot treatments, which are creams or spray, ours is in a mask form.

A mask is a cream that is applied to the foot, then dries (in minutes) and adheres to the spaces between the toes, protecting and healing.

The mask adheres to the skin comfortably all day -- under socks and shoes or sandals.

It washes off easily and has a fresh, clean fragrance.

Superior adhesion combined with powerful anti-fungals make this a superior athlete's foot cure.

Prevents, Eliminates Itching, Burning, Fungus, Odor Tea Tree Oil, Oregano Oil and Sea Kelp with 14 Healing Botanicals prevents most Athlete's Foot.

Relieves Itching and Burning.

Eliminates fungus.

Eliminates odor-causing bacteria.

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Size : 21 GRM
Pack of : 1

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