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Most tampons have a cord or string for removal. The majority of tampons sold are made of rayon, or a blend of rayon and cotton. Organic cotton tampons are made from only 100% cotton.

Tampons are available in several absorbency ratings, which are consistent across manufacturers in the U.S.:

  • Junior/Light absorbency: 6 g and under
  • Regular absorbency: 6 to 9 g
  • Super absorbency: 9 to 12 g
  • Super Plus absorbency 12 to 15 g
  • Ultra absorbency 15–18 g

It’s important to change your tampons regularly, every 4-6 hours, and alternate between using tampons and pads. It is not recommended that you wear a tampon when you are sleeping because you will most likely be leaving it in too long. 

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