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  • March 10, 2018 2 min read

    How do I know what menstrual cup size my vagina will need?

    There are many different brands, so there are several factors to consider before purchasing a cup. See the comparison chart HERE to help you with a general guideline by the manufacturers.

    Measure your cervix to determine the length of cup you should buy.

    Your cervix is the part of your vagina where your menstrual fluid leaves. It's important to measure how far up your cervix is in your vagina before you buy a cup, because some cups are longer and some are shorter, so they work worse or better with people who have lower or higher cervixes. If you have a low cervix you will want a shorter, stouter cup so that it does not ride down or poke out of you while you're wearing it. Also, a good menstrual cup hack is to simply trim the stem if it’s too long. So before deciding which cup to buy, find out how high or low your cervix is using the following process.

    You can measure your cervix by inserting your index finger into your vagina until you can feel your cervix. Your cervix is high if you can get your whole finger in. Your cervix is medium height if you can get your finger in up to the second knuckle of your finger before you feel your cervix. Your cervix is low if you can only get to the first knuckle before you reach your cervix. Remember that your cervix height can change during your menstrual cycle, so check it close to your period to be sure how it will affect your cup use.

    Take into consideration how heavy your flow is and cup capacity.

    Some menstrual cups hold more than others. Observe on a general day of your period how your menstrual flow. A heavy menstrual flow, you’re going to need a cup with higher capacity than if you have a light or average flow. Although you’d be well off with your chosen menstrual cup size, it's best to overestimate than underestimate so you are not changing your cup too often.

    Decide on the brand of menstrual cup you would like to buy.

    Once you have figured out the length and capacity you would like to have in your cup, check the comparison chart. Cups are not one size fits all, because although you may be able to make any cup work, a little premeditation as discussed above before buying will ensure your cup is comfortable and has the correct capacity for you.

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